SA Design SAD-CT486 Rat Rods: Rodding's Imperfect Stepchildren by Scott Gosson Paperback

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During the '70s, '80s, and '90s, hot rods followed very definite trends. This SA Design Rat Rods: Rodding's Imperfect Stepchildren book gives you some insight to the rat rod's history. It seems every hot rod built in the '70s reflected the somewhat garish tastes of that decade, and everyone had a small block Chevy powering it. In the '80s and '90s, many rods were built to seamless perfection in a modern high-tech style, laden with billet, smooth seams, no rough edges, and a huge price tag. You had to know there would be a backlash, and rat rods are the backlash to the extreme. As a response to the high-dollar, billet-based street rod trend, budget-limited, home-based rod builders looked to the past for inspiration and style, and rat rods were the result. These imperfectly fine rods rarely sport paint jobs of any kind, and their owners aren't scared to drive them. They represent a rebellious attitude, but never take anything too seriously, either. Rat rods are high on style but low on budget, and that's why so many love them. The Rat Rods: Rodding's Imperfect Stepchildren is a celebration of this trend, and almost as importantly, the lifestyle that accompanies it. Never has rodding been so cosmetically indifferent, so socially oriented, so affordable, and most importantly, so much fun! Author Scotty Gosson watched the rat rod trend start, grow, and blossom into what it is today. Specs:
Title: Rat Rods: Rodding's Imperfect Stepchildren
Author: Scotty Gosson
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Quantity: Sold individually.