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Waiiiiiiiiit - you want your car on one of our shirts? SH*T YEAH, we can totally do that! What is included you ask? The standard package includes: -- 1x T-Shirt in your selected size/colour -- Your image in JPEG/PDF/PNG format to share on your socials, or print for your wall -- About 3/4 Hours of Ashleigh's Sanity whilst she draws it You can get on add-on Shirts, Stickers, Hoodies, Stubby Coolers, name it! Simply Click "Add to Cart" and place your order - We will be in touch with you to confirm details, please ensure your email address is included in your order details so we can reach out! We will require high quality photos from all angles of your vehicle, along with your preference of angle to be drawn and any ideas for background imagery - our creation masters will discuss options with you to create the perfect product. This shirt will become available on our website for a limited time for your friends and family to admire & purchase too!